We have named the girls…

It didn’t take long to get the girls named.

Bringing Home the Girls 015

Orpington – The buff coloured girl in the front is Polly (dad named her). She is 8 days old. And she is getting some serious feathers coming in. She is very observant of us and looks intently at us when we come near the brooder. She may be the protector of the group later on.

Rhode Island Red – The red girl in the back is Lucy (mum named her). She’s definitely the youngest of the flock. We think she’s 2 or 3 days old. And Robert thinks she’ll be a mama’s girl.

Australorp – The black girl in the back is Petunia (Petty for short). She is a little lover. She’s small. She’s 4 days old.

Ameraucana – The girl with the black stripe pecking in the sawdust is Antoinette (Netty for short). She loves to cuddle. We hold her in a cloth (to keep her warm) and she snuggles right down and sleeps.  And she is quite the nester. She is all ready making nests for herself throughout the brooder. She’s 4 days old.

Brown-legged Leghorn – The brown girl on the left with the multi-coloured wing is Miss Priss. She is the feistiest of the girls. She is all ready pecking at the others’ beaks. But she’s small – maybe that will help. She’s 4 days old.

Brown-legged Leghorn – The brown girl under Polly’s butt is Esther. She is settling in really quickly, but doesn’t have a distinct personality – yet. She’s 4 days old.

They’re chirping up a storm right now. Just chatting. Nothing major. It’s nice to hear them sing and chat all day. Quite the relaxing sound. We have the garage door open between the house and the garage so we can hear them and they can hear us. Chitty chat. Chitty chat.

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