Volunteering Season Continues

I like to volunteer as much as I can handle this time of year. There are a number of volunteer opportunities in Portland in October. This weekend, I was supposed to volunteer at Wordstock, but got sick and decided to stay home and recuperate. I’m bummed because Maggie Stiefvater was there at 5:00.


Another favourite of mine, Bruce Hale, was introducing Clark the Shark to youngsters on one of the AM stages.



However, I am saving my energy for the next 3 days of volunteering. I spend about 12-14 hours per day at a book trade show in Portland. It falls on the same weekend as Wordstock and I’ve been doing this one for 4 years now, so it take priority.

I get to meet some great people year after year.


I was SUPER blonde back then. Not so much any more. This is one of the reps from  Scholastic, Kris. She is DIVINE!

A few of the authors I am looking forward to seeing are:

Ivan Doig


Jane Kirkpatrick


Brandon Sanderson


Jeffrey Deaver (of Lincoln Rhyme fame)


Marissa Meyer


Roland Smith


I know there will be some surprises for me regarding authors to see, but these are a few of the authors I want to connect with. Last year, I saw April Henry and (sigh – I forgot to get a photo) Sherman Alexi.

Additionally, I enjoy connecting with bookseller and book buyers each year from all over the Pacific Northwest. I see a lot of the same faces – and we razz each other each year. Good times.

Until later…

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