Update about the girls…

Hi all. My computer went kaput – and it took a while to fix it, reinstall programs, and put on all of my data and information.

So, finally, I am up and running. Good thing I keep a running list of my information and accounts. Egads.

So, our girls are now 2 weeks old. One of our girls is a few days older, but soon it won’t matter. They had a quick bout with coccidiosis, but we found the bloody poops and got medicine. All of the girls made it through without a problem.

Then, one of our girls met our pup, Mora. They played like best friends. Lucy ended up chasing Mora around the living room. It was hilarious. Who knew our dog needed her own pet chicken. This is Mora and Lucy:


So, yesterday, we introduced them to a few new things: millet and cobs of corn.

First, the millet. I put the millet in their brooder and they were a little leery:


Then, Lucy got a little braver:


Then, they decided that millet rocks (I tucked it into their food area so they would get used to it):


Then, the spouse and I ate dinner and each had a cob of corn (which is DEFINITELY at the end of its season). So, the girls got the leftovers. They weren’t overly thrilled at first:


Then, they really liked it. We could hear them fighting and chasing each other around:


This is one of our bigger girls, Antoinette, enjoying the corn. The kids have nicknamed her “puffy cheeks.”


It’s an adventure. The next “chore” is starting to build a chicken coop and attached run this weekend.

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