One of my favourite places…

Every year, at least once, my dad and I go to one of our favourite places to eat, drink tea, and hang out with one another.

That place? Tao of Tea. We always go to the location on Belmont. It’s fantastic. We each get a pot of tea – his is usually an assam tea, mine is either a chai (500 Mile Chai is fantastic) or a white tea (White Dragon). We then dive into some amazing food: somosas, dal, aloo parantha, naan, and lime-soaked yam.


I’m drooling right now.


And everything is reasonably priced. We can get out of there for less than $40.


Next door is the retail store. I can buy tea in bulk or buy tea sets.

It’s a nice place. And we’re going to go again before the end of November. Dad is retiring at the end of October, so I’m going to treat him to a nice time at Tao of Tea.