Seahawks Season Opener and Back to the Writing Grind

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Seahawks Season Opener
So, my mother had never been to an American football game – and we proposed going to the season opener of the Seahawks (the team closest to us). She agreed – because they were playing her favorite team: the San Francisco 49ers.
If you didn’t see the game, it was a wipe-out (Seahawks 31; 49ers 6). But I had a GREAT time.
A few pics:
Our sign for the game. We never displayed it. So, if you were looking in the stands, we didn’t raise it. Ooops.
Our view (we were [roughly] on the 15 yard line in row P). We were in the “Charter” section. I’m not sure what that means, but we had GREAT seats. And the stadium was LOUD! My ears are still ringing three days later.
The dudes in front of us. They were hilarious. Every goal scored and every play made, they acted like THEY had done it. After the game, I told them that they were awesome and a lot of fun to watch. They were hilarious!
The people who worked in the stadium were AWESOME – we had a lot of help and our questions were answered politely and respectfully. People told us to be prepared for rude and obnoxious people. THAT WAS SO NOT THE CASE! We had a nice time.
Job Update
Whatever. Tired of looking for a job. Tired of other people being hired over me. ☺ Trying to maintain a good attitude. Giggle.
Writing Update
It’s been over a month since I visited with the agents and editor at the conference. Am I feeling WAY BEHIND!!?? YES!!!!! Overwhelmed? YES!!!!!
Today, I am working on my piece for my writing group (which meets on Thursday). I am playing with POV. Inspired by Party by Tom Leveen, I am writing my YA novel from multiple perspectives. Could be fun. If it’s not successful to keep it with multiple POVs, I probably will find the “right” POV to use.
Today’s word count: 0 words
Initial writing (renegotiated) = Wednesday, October 20 (I have a retreat that weekend)
Whole thing (renegotiated) = Friday, November 19