Summer is done!

I partnered with a colleague to host a summer camp with about 100 middle school students. We did some awesome stuff.

Classes include Basketball Camp, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Rockin’ Science, Mad Science, Soccer Camp, Open Gym, Game Time!, Recycled Art, Animoto, Baseball Camp – and AWESOME field trips! They are:

The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

After a HOT bus ride, we made it to the Discovery Center. The staff was amazing and the site was interesting.


Hillsboro Hops Baseball Game

This is the first season with for the Hillsboro Hops Single A team.


Oxbow Park

We combined this field trip with the high school. We did hikes, kick ball, arts and crafts, and quiet activities.


Mt. Saint Helens

A little over 2 hours away, this was one long trip! But SUPER worth it. I wish we could have stayed longer.


School starts in four weeks! We start late this year because of furlough days. But, in my mind, it’s starting too soon! I’m all ready pooped!