Painting Class

I started painting again. I took classes 15 years ago with an instructor in Oregon City. My stuff was VERY cartoon-like and I wasn’t pleased with my progress after 1 year.
Then, I found Melissa Gannon at an Art Fair at the (Un)Covered Wagons in Oregon City about 5 years ago.
So, I took classes for a few years – and I improved. Less cartoon-like and more “realistic.”
But life happened and I dropped out for about 1.5 years.
So, I was working this summer – and the kiddos and I made our own watercolour paints. I brought in some of my watercolours for them to look at as they explored their own art.
And I thought: “I should be painting again.” And I signed up.
I started back at the end of September – and have made 3 out of the 4 paintings. (I saw Mo Willems during one the class periods.)
So, here they are. Not hideous. There are some great parts, some good parts, and some awful parts. But, I’m learning.
Our first assignment was an exploration in tints, shades, and tones. We traced our hands and went from there:
Then, we did sunflowers. Egads. Not my best work, but I learned a lot about glazing (a layer of thin paint over existing paint). The darker red is a glaze placed over other shape-defining colours.
This last week, we painted peaches. I SUCK at leaves. TOTALLY SUCK at leaves. But the peaches aren’t too bad. One kinda looks like a butt. ☺
Next week I think we are painting leaves. I think. Gads.