Puppy Power!

So, the husband and I have a 10-month old Chihuahua, Loretta:

photo[5] copy

She’s a bit of a stinker – and absolutely hilarious. And a football fan – just like her mama.

Yesterday, we picked up another puppy. She is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. And her name is Joey:


She is just 2.5 months old and likes to sleep A LOT. And, she’s so small, she is wearing a cat collar (which is still too big for her). We know exactly where she is in the house because she jingles. It sounds like Christmas when she and Loretta play!

We got both girls at Hannah The Pet Society, a local organization that partners pets and people wanting pets. In essence, we are foster-to-adopt parents of 2 pups. And it is FANTASTIC!