Wow – these girls are going to town. We have two girls who are laying for sure (Lucy and Polly). And I think we have a new contender – but I don’t know who. A new egg was found alongside Lucy’s in Lucy’s nest.

So, did I tell you that I looked up the girls’ egg-laying profiles? Yup. All of them are PROLIFIC egg layers. Which means a CRAP LOAD of eggs.


Polly’s eggs are the two light-coloured ones on the right. Lucy’s are the three reddish ones in the middle. The newest egg is the lighter one on the left.

I still haven’t gone out today to check the coop.

Help me Rhonda!

It’s still a little dark here, but the girls are outside eating bread as we speak. I might overturn the compost bin and let them go to town today while I’m at work and the spousal unit is at work.

Off to prepare the SMALLEST of all SMALL lesson plans. I’m doing games with the kiddos. Board games. Card games. And gym games. Fun times! I get to see them use up a lot of their energy.


Quick update – NaNoWriMo and “The Girls”

Just finished my writing session for the day. I just hit 16829 words! The kids met grandpa and they introduced him to the wraith in the pool. Scared him a lot! Hee hee.

16829 words is 159 words ahead of the recommended daily allowance for NaNoWriMo. 10 days at 1667 words per day = 16670 words. Hooyaaa!!

And my daily count (for the 5 out of 7 days that I write) is 2500 words. This is Day 7 for me, so I should be at 17,500, but that’s all right. I’m just 700 behind that.

I’m planning on attending an all-night writing frenzy this weekend, so I’ll catch up. :-)

The Girls

Well, one of our girls has bad legs. Esther. We’ve been chatting about what to do with her. We think she might be in pain because her legs shake when she stands and she doesn’t stand much. However, she does roost once in a while. And I noticed the other day that she walks on her own feet.

Here they are (I took this today – don’t let the watermelon fool you. I found it at the store the other day). Esther is on the very right, with her back to us (I don’t know if you can see her legs, but they are quite large):


And she hasn’t started clucking yet – the other girls (including her bio sister) have. She still cheeps. And she is soooo funny. She chases after the other girls like a little sister cheeping at them as if to say “wait for me!” And she comes when we call her.

However, she spends the majority of her time, laying underneath the warming light in the coop.

We hope to get her into the vet soon. Then, we can make an informed decision about what to do. We’ve decided that if she is in pain or if she is contagious/whatever, then we will put her to sleep. But if she isn’t in pain or a problem for the other girls, then she stays. She is very entertaining and awesome and let’s us handle her a lot. We think she’s a great addition to the flock. And the other girls cuddle with her at night so they aren’t put-off by her. But we don’t want her to have a rough life.

We’ll keep you informed.

Off to get ready for work. Cheerio.