Rose City Comic Con 2013

I completed my stint at the 2nd Annual Rose City Comic Con last night! I was in Admissions/Ticket Sales the entire weekend and it was FANTASTIC! I had a blast!

Here I am in my “Henchman” uniform. It served it’s purpose: we stood out! (Check out my earrings – I got so many compliments on those!)


Day One

Arrived at my station:


I was the third seat from the right. GREAT spot! Right there in front! I got to meet some interesting folks – and see some interesting things. My colleague to my left wasn’t so lucky:


Saturday was a little quieter (but not much!) at our station because many of the tickets were pre-sold (and pre-picked up). Apparently that area was SLAMMED!

As a Batman fan, I love the Batmobile – in most renditions. So, I scoped out the Batmobile day one. This is one of my favorites (can you see Batman in one of them?):



A colleague made up a joke: “Where does Batman take a dump? In the batroom.” Ba dum bum!

The crowds were full all day:


I was able to sneak away for about 1/2 hour to get my autographs. My first was Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Spenser: For Hire)


My favourite of the two is Spenser: For Hire, so I chose a Hawk photo. He hasn’t changed much. Just a little thinner – and still awesomely tough! I thanked him for the years of Hawk – and he grinned at me.

Then, I tucked over to meet Christopher Judge (Stargate: SG-1)



He was EXTREMELY cordial and great! He was hugging people left and right! Many people brought him University of Oregon merchandise because he was a Duck once. I am seeing Richard Dean Anderson at Emerald City Comic Con in a few months, so I will get his autograph then.

I went back to my station and found a woman dressed as the Enterprise showed up. Absolutely gorgeous!


At the end of day one, I met one of my favourite Muppets, Beaker:



I heard that he took either 2nd or 3rd place in the costume contest that night! He was AWESOME!

And the cutest Predator came strolling through with his/her parents at the end of the day!



Day Two

Day two was WILD! Lots and lots and lots of ticket sales. We were solidly busy the entire time. But we were able to sneak out and get a few photos:



There is a club in the Pacific Northwest called the Pacific Northwest R2-D2 Builders Group who make these replicas. They are beautiful – and one of them blasts the Star Wars theme song while cruising the show floor.

This woman’s costume was incredible. I was a little freaked out!



I was able to capture this photo near the end of the last day. This photo contains a lot of the Cosplayers at the end of the con.



All in all, it was a fantastic couple of days. I like to participate in these volunteer opportunities because I am rejuvenated hanging around a pile of awesome people!

Thanks for the memories Rose City Comic Con 2013! See you next year!



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