PNBA – Days Two and Three

The last two days of PNBA were a whirlwind. I did a variety of tasks: registration desk, author signings, breakfast with the authors, and door. But on each day, I ended up doing “Library/Breakdown” which is always awesome.

A quick introduction, too. This is Lana (I’m in the orange beside her). She introduced me to PNBA after we volunteered at Willamette Writers last year. THANK YOU, LANA! This is a great experience for me.

So, Day Two was business as usual. I met a few people. I hung out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. And I was present at the author’s breakfast. There were 4 authors: two adult titles and two children’s/YA titles. I was lucky to get a copy of David Wiesner’s Art & Max, which is a children’s book:

David Wiesner is a three-time Caldecott winner (Flotsam is delish). He signed his newest book, Art & Max, which is a gem! The art is beautiful and the story is both amusing and profound. His presentation was wonderful!

And on Day Three, I came away with a few prizes, which I love.

Vladimir Tod is a series of YA books that I just got into – and I am enjoying them immensely. The first is Eighth Grade Bites. I’m sure you get the idea! On the last day, as people were packing up, I got a free bag.

The last goodie was a real surprise. A book representative was offering t-shirts from a book called Chicken Big. On the last day, as I was cleaning up, she handed me one and I said “thank you.” I wasn’t quite sure what I was thanking her for. Check out this shirt:

It’s a story about a “critter” who emerges from an egg and all the other barnyard animals wonder “what is it?” Delightful story. It’s a little huge for me, but I’m wearing the shirt to work today.

Next year? ABSOLUTELY! The volunteer coordinator is going to give me additional duties next year. I had a ball again! Thanks to Ben for helping me understand the author signing routine, to “the sisters” for helping me learn the ins and outs, to Larry and Karen for giving me the right amount of responsibility at the registration desk, and to Lana for introducing me to this event.

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