PNBA – 3 Days of Books and Awesomeness

I work the PNBA Tradeshow every fall. It is extremely tiring, but in AWESOME ways. I get to meet some awesome people, reconnect with some awesome people –  all in the name of books.

Day one was spent working the show floor and stuffing packets


Day two and three were spent helping authors autograph books and watching workshops


This author is just 22. He has published his 2nd book in a series called The Whatnot! It is a steampunk fairy tale. His name is Stefan Bachmann.


This is Loren Long‘s newest book entitled An Otis Christmas. He had a wonderful presentation which combined his work life and his works of art. There were some people in the audience crying.


I worked with a hilarious author, Roland Smith, who wrote the IQ series and Tentacles. His newest book is Chupacabra. I helped him sign. And he helped us take a few selfless:



I read books 1 and 2 of the IQ series. I’m looking forward to Tentacles and Chupacabra.


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