Our Local County Fair

Hi all.

I know. I know. I haven’t been around for a while. I had a super bad migraine thingy that lasted most of last week. And then the hubby and I decided to go to our local county fair yesterday, which just plum wore us out.

We had a nice time at the fair. We ALWAYS go see the animals – cows, pigs, chickens, etc. And that’s where we spent the majority of our time. We were there for about 3 hours – and we don’t go on the rides. BBBAAAAAAAARRRRRRRFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!

Anyway, here are a few photos:

A duct tape dress that a 4-H fiber arts student presented

county_fair 002

A little buddy of mine. He was crying and crying and crying because he was alone in the pen (his buddies, siblings were in the show pen at the time). So, I spent about 1/2 hour with him, just talking and petting. He had the BEST eye contact of any goat that I’d ever seen.

county_fair 011

3-week old piglets. Mama was just a few feet away getting some rest.

county_fair 042

Me negotiating with a llama to not spit on me.

county_fair 046

We did a little chicken investigation. We decided on Bantams – Rhode Island Red or Americauna. But we looked at all of the breeds carefully. And they check us out, too.

county_fair 062

county_fair 064

And sometimes, you have to check out the competition.

county_fair 122

One little goofer just wanted his freedom. A woman caught him a few minutes later. He jumped on a mustang (the car, not the horse) and she whipped him out of free air.

county_fair 125

We had a great time.

So, now, today, we are off to the chicken store.  Yup, we’re getting chickens. They have 3 day old chicks at the store and we’re gonna go check it out.

See my updates coming up…

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