Heading Back to School…

So, school starts a bit later in this neck of the woods. The teachers and staff are taking their “furlough” days before school starts. So, school starts September 9.

As you know, I work at a middle school in Oregon. It’s a GREAT place to work. I love the staff. I love the kids. I love my job – most of the time.

The reason? I laugh more here than I do in most parts of my life – not to say I’m not laughing it up every day. But at work, there’s a lot of funny stuff.

Case in point, the middle schooler’s locker:


This particular kiddo found most of his homework (some of it completed), his house key (actually 3 of them), and the phone number of a girl he liked a few months back. Important stuff can get lost in there.

Savour your last moments before school starts – and if it has all ready started, enjoy! These are fun years.


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