Girls Update…

Well, the chickens are still growing by leaps and bounds. Here they are at 4 1/2 weeks old:


That was just last week. They were still living 24 hours in their brooder. And we had the “heat lamp” on for them at night.

This is Lucy figuring out the small perch that we placed in the brooder for them. She balanced quite well and had no problems getting out of the brooder from this location.


Now, they are living the daylight hours in their new run. We put them back into the brooder at night because their coop isn’t done yet. This is their run:


The piece of plywood on the right is the space where their door will be. The door will be at the very spot my spousal unit is standing (below). In this photo, he is building the coop, which is about 2/3 done now. He is doing a FANTASTIC job!!


Here are the girls in their run.


It’s 3 x 6 feet. And 3 feet tall. The top lifts up so we can get into it. But we leave it closed in case cats, skunks, possums, etc., decide to visit. Eventually, the girls will be able to fly out. But we will clip their wings.

Yesterday, as the spousal unit was building the coop, I went scrounging for worms, grubs, slugs, etc., and gave them to the girls. Here’s one of the girls (I think she is Esther) with her treat (grooooossssssssssssss):


Here’s Netty eating watermelon:


Netty at a full gallop in the pen (do chickens gallop?)


Esther checking out the world. Next to her (the red girl) is Lucy. The girl in back (she’s black) is Petunia. The girl behind Esther is Miss Priss.


They are in the brooder right now. I can hear them chatting away. It’s a nice sound. And our pup, Mora, keeps a good eye on them, too. Our little protector. :-)

Have a good one – whatever you do.

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