Day one of my writing goal…

GADS! I had a wally-honker of a migraine last night. Not bad enough to go to the hospital – but kinda bad. I took 1.5 Vicodin and that seemed to work, but I have “headache hangover” plus a headache today. SHEESH!

So, now writing today. I think I’ll watch Part Two of The Prisoner (with Jim Caveziel). Part One was doggone good.

A picture of one of our girls. This is Esther – our “boo-boo’d” chicken. This was taken 1 month ago.


We are thinking of sending a picture of her and a write-up of her medical condition to Backyard Chickens magazine. We *guess* it’s rickets, but we are not sure. It would be interesting to see what she has (without paying the exorbitant vet bills) and get an idea of what her life is like – and what it will look like when/if she lays.

She does just fine squeaking her way through the yard (she doesn’t cluck – she squeaks). She digs for bugs, loves apples and potatoes, and follows her sisters around. What’s amazing is the flock doesn’t pick on her – they actually nurture her. Huh. Weird.

Well, off to relax. I’m tired of this headache, but it’ll be gone by this weekend. It usually is gone in 3 – 4 days.

Have a good one – whatever you do.

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