Reading Challenge 2016


I did the popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge. I ended up finishing 2/3 of the required categories. And – if truth be told – I put some books in multiple categories.


I am going to read 41 books for this popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge.

And I’ve joined fellow readers to join me on Facebook.

Come join me! I’ve all ready read 2 books. I’m working on #3. Review to be posted soon.


Bookends Bookstore, Kailua Hawaii

I love love love love independent bookstores. The messiness. The book smell – old and new. And the people who frequent such stores are AWESOME!

bookends bookstore

One of my favorite bookstores was found in Kailua in Oahu. The spousal unit and I stumbled across this little gem while wandering the streets of Kailua.

And, yes, it does look like the picture above. New books. Old books. Some on shelves. Some on the floor. Some on seats. I watched the proprietor as she wandered purposefully through the aisles grabbing books for customers. “Um, there’s this book about a tiger in the sea and a guy…” Zoom – off to a random bookshelf to grab Life of Pi. “I want a really good book for my four year old.” Zoom – off to the other end of the store to grab a Mo Willems book.

If you are in Kailua (or Oahu at all) – I would make this a destination. It’s worth it.