Batman V Superman – Review


This review is going to contain spoilers. This has been your warning…

3  …2 … 1 …

All right – here we go.

I gave Batman V Superman a 7 out of 10 stars. Spousal Unit and I went to our local haunt to discuss the movie.


Here are my 10 points:

1. Jesse Eisenberg was wonderful as Lex Luthor. He was wonderfully creepy. The final scene with him in the prison cell was WONDERFUL! I look forward to seeing him again.

2. Ben Affleck was as awful as I thought. Flat, boring, no emotion, no nothing. UGH.

3. The dream sequences? One? Maybe. Two? GADS!!! Three? HELP ME!!!! Come on! A lot of the previews for the movie showed conflicts that didn’t exist in “reality.” Were they supposed to be portents of what’s to come? I don’t care. Batman is NOT PSYCHIC!!!

4. Most of the first hour was a waste of time. The opening scene (Superman fighting Zod) was wonderful. It gave a really good reasoning for the rest of the movie. The desert scene? Sure. It gave a good reason for why the world (and Batman) disliked Superman. But 40-ish of the first hour? UGH!

5. Gal Gadot was – and is going to be – a GREAT Wonder Woman! Believable. And powerful!

6. I usually have an issue with multiple villains. However, this movie worked for me. Batman versus Superman versus Lex Luthor versus Doomsday? Awesome. The “gladiator” match was quite good. The buff Batman in his super-armour suit was believable versus Superman. Lex Luthor as the brilliant – yet insane – villain was a great foil for both men. And Doomsday’s ability to kick some serious booty versus Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman was nicely done (the CGI was AMAZING!!!)

7. Amy Adams. I’m a fan of Amy. And I was mostly a fan of Lois Lane. Adams played Lois as mostly a strong character (smart and sassy), but the use of her as Superman’s weakness (whether intentional with Lex throwing her off the roof – or unintentional with her near-drowning) was a little tired.

8. Damned movie looked like a Dodge Charger advertisement a few times. Really?

9. Costuming was fabulous. Like I mentioned above, the Batman Super Suit was great (albeit a little Robocop-looking). Superman’s uniform was gorgeous! He looked like he has scales. And it worked!

10. Previews of the movies to come? Nice introduction to Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg – and OF COURSE Wonder Woman!


11. Great cameos by a few familiar faces: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Soledad O’Brien, Anderson Cooper, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, and OF COURSE General Zod!


San Diego Comicon – July 2015

I love volunteering at Comicons. I NEVER thought I would be able to put my love of volunteering to use at San Diego Comicon. Well, the spousal unit (SU) and I lucked out! We got on the list – and showed up to work!



We volunteered all 4 days of the con and the one day prior to the con. I put on 73+ miles on my Fitbit. :-) The convention center was only part of the location.


The entire area surrounding the convention center had activities and fun stuff. I don’t think we saw ⅓ of it all. However, here is a bit that we did see:






Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles





More famous people



GREAT photo opportunities






And – of course, like any good book nerd – GREAT comic books, authors and books:




I am sooooo glad we had this opportunity! We are slated to do it again next year. I might be recuperated by then!





Wizard World Comicon – January 2014

I love volunteering. I really love volunteering for comicons. The people are fantastic. The atmosphere is fun. And I get to meet some wonderful actors, writers, illustrators, and other talent.

Patti and Marvin the Martian

People come dressed in the most amazing costumes!

Amazing Costumes

And I got to see Norman Reedus again!


And I got some COOOOOL autographs.

Ron Perlman as Vincent from Beauty and the Beast:

Ron Perlman

Billy Dee Williams:

Billy Dee Williams


Jon Bernthal:

Jon Bernthal


I enjoyed a little loving’ from Mr. Bernthal:

Jon Bernthal


And Greg Horn:

Greg Horn Wolverine


A final bit of advice:

keep calm and comic con




Bookends Bookstore, Kailua Hawaii

I love love love love independent bookstores. The messiness. The book smell – old and new. And the people who frequent such stores are AWESOME!

bookends bookstore

One of my favorite bookstores was found in Kailua in Oahu. The spousal unit and I stumbled across this little gem while wandering the streets of Kailua.

And, yes, it does look like the picture above. New books. Old books. Some on shelves. Some on the floor. Some on seats. I watched the proprietor as she wandered purposefully through the aisles grabbing books for customers. “Um, there’s this book about a tiger in the sea and a guy…” Zoom – off to a random bookshelf to grab Life of Pi. “I want a really good book for my four year old.” Zoom – off to the other end of the store to grab a Mo Willems book.

If you are in Kailua (or Oahu at all) – I would make this a destination. It’s worth it.


(Original) Battlestar Galactica Stars at Comic Cons 2012

Last year, my spousal unit and I went to Rose City Comic Con. And like most comic cons – this one was a blast. It was my first Rose City Comic Con and I got to see some great people. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the autographs and photos, but I got to learn the ropes.

One of my favourite shows growing up was Battlestar Galactica. Yes, I am THAT old! So, I was able to see two of the actors from the original show at two different comic cons.

At Rose City, I saw Richard Hatch (Apollo of original Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek of the new rendition). His entire presentation was about how he wants to bring back Battlestar Galactica (particularly his Apollo). He even had a video that he made (which was a little cheesy). And that has been his riff for a number of years. I just have to say, with respect, let it go man!


Last year, at Emerald City  Comic Con – I met Starbuck (Dirk Benedict). THAT was an awesome experience. Very nice man. He commented on my glasses (Dolce and Gabbana) and how much he liked them on me. Sweetie bear. He was my very first MAJOR crush on an actor. I gotta say – I’m not over him. :-)

Funny thing – it was his 68th birthday that day (March 1). If I look that good at 58, I’ll be happy.


This year, I am volunteering at Rose City  Comic Con. And it looks like I was assigned to Admissions. Look out people – I’m gonna see alllll of you!!

Peace out!


Important Stuff – Shoes…

Okay kiddies! I am debating which of my new awesome shoes I should wear this weekend. The Henchmen shirts are long-sleeved red shirts (not brick red or Christmas red, but kinda blue-red, which sounds intriguing). So,

Number One? (bonus: HELLO KITTY!)


Number Two? (bonus: villains on the left shoe, X-Men on the right shoe)






Option three, if you can’t decide:



Rose City ComiCon 2013

I am working the Rose City ComiCon this weekend. I’m not sure what my schedule will be, but I am REALLY excited to be a part of it. There will be photos and blogging A LOT starting Friday (if I’m not too exhausted).


It is being held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. And it’s pretty inexpensive to get in ($30 for both days). Absolutely well worth it! I’ll be one of nearly 300 henchmen in red long-sleeved shirts. Look for me.

I am really excited to meet Avery Brooks


and Christopher Judge


Look for more throughout the week.



Out and About – Hillsboro Hops

I married my husband nearly 20 years ago. I’ve been a football fan since I can remember (go Niners). But he is a baseball fan.

So, I became a baseball fan.

I started my job 3 years ago – and one of my colleagues is a baseball fan, too.

So, guess what we did this summer during program? Yup, a baseball game.

Hillsboro Hops ticket

So, we took a big pile of kids to a Hillsboro Hops game on July 26. It was hot, but the kids had a REALLY good time.

Our goal is to take kiddos to places they might not get to – and this was a great destination for them.


Summer Reading…

So, as is true at so many libraries, our local library (Multnomah County Library) hosts the “Summer Reading Program” every June – September. Kids line up to read their books and gather points – so that they can have a t-shirt and other cool prizes.


So, I bought myself a shirt. And, this summer, I have read a total of ZERO books. Well, that’s not true: I have read 1/2 of a book. During the week of August 25, I will have a vacation, so I will immerse myself in a book of some sort. The newest Dean Koontz? An old Stephen King? A new Bruce Hale (S.P.I.E.S. – I hear it’s great)? The 5th Wave? Vampire High? So many to choose from:


Hi – my name is Patti and I’m a bibliophile – and book-aholic.