Puppy Power!

So, the husband and I have a 10-month old Chihuahua, Loretta:

photo[5] copy

She’s a bit of a stinker – and absolutely hilarious. And a football fan – just like her mama.

Yesterday, we picked up another puppy. She is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. And her name is Joey:


She is just 2.5 months old and likes to sleep A LOT. And, she’s so small, she is wearing a cat collar (which is still too big for her). We know exactly where she is in the house because she jingles. It sounds like Christmas when she and Loretta play!

We got both girls at Hannah The Pet Society, a local organization that partners pets and people wanting pets. In essence, we are foster-to-adopt parents of 2 pups. And it is FANTASTIC!




Wow – these girls are going to town. We have two girls who are laying for sure (Lucy and Polly). And I think we have a new contender – but I don’t know who. A new egg was found alongside Lucy’s in Lucy’s nest.

So, did I tell you that I looked up the girls’ egg-laying profiles? Yup. All of them are PROLIFIC egg layers. Which means a CRAP LOAD of eggs.


Polly’s eggs are the two light-coloured ones on the right. Lucy’s are the three reddish ones in the middle. The newest egg is the lighter one on the left.

I still haven’t gone out today to check the coop.

Help me Rhonda!

It’s still a little dark here, but the girls are outside eating bread as we speak. I might overturn the compost bin and let them go to town today while I’m at work and the spousal unit is at work.

Off to prepare the SMALLEST of all SMALL lesson plans. I’m doing games with the kiddos. Board games. Card games. And gym games. Fun times! I get to see them use up a lot of their energy.


It’s been a while…


It’s been a while since I was here last. I had a migraine from helllllll in the middle of the month which postponed posting. Then, my father died on Saturday, November 28.

His passing was sudden – a stroke or heart attack, we’re not sure which (an autopsy was not performed). He passed within seconds. Which is a blessing. He wouldn’t have wanted a long-drawn-out illness. Quick and fast.

So, the last month has been filled with grieving, paperwork, organizing, family, and rearranging things. Christmas was all right – the three of us were together (spouse, mum, and me). But it also kinda sucked. Although he liked to play “scrooge” and all “bah-hum-buggy,” Dad wasn’t there.

So, this next week will be taking care of more paperwork. The death certificates are taking a bit longer – probably due to the holidays and a screw-up with Dad’s social security number. That has put a few things on hold (like the financial and governmental things).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I wasn’t out here.

I’ll get back into my groove in the new year.



My last few days

It’s been a little wacky these last few days – heck, WEEKS, but who’s counting?

Although we spent the weekend brain-farting, the spousal unit and I were extremely pooped when we started back up on Monday. We both had a pretty intense cold that just knocked us down. We spent the weekend watching brain-fade TV and relaxing. I think we finally left our pajamas on Sunday – only because we had to go to Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers

I think I just finished week 4 of my “maintenance” routine. That means 2 more weeks to go until LIFETIME (which = FREE meetings and support). $40 a month has been soooooooooo worth it (don’t get me wrong), but ZERO sounds great, too! I am maintaining quite well. My goal was 135 and I’ve gained and lost about a pound each week. THAT IS PERFECT! I’m not supposed to be below 133 or higher than 137.

Wait until Thanksgiving. I think the Sunday after T-Day is my final weigh-in. Wish me luck.


Wellllll, I am approximately 5000 words behind. The cold this last weekend wiped me out – and I spent Friday with my dad.

Annnnndddd, I read a book:

The Hunger Games

The first in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy about a “game show” (of sorts) where young people aged 12 to 18 are tributes in a fight to the death.

Quite good!

Unfortunately, I have the second book in the trilogy, Catching Fire, next to me on the desk. It’s a little too tempting.

Cooking with the Kiddos

WHAT WAS I THINKING!!?? Yesterday, I planned a “day of cooking” with 16 rambunctious, monkey-energied children. The good news? There were no heat sources involved (I thought that much ahead). But we made Energy Balls with peanut butter, banana, graham crackers, and various toppings. What a mess!!

There just wasn’t enough time! They made (maybe) 20 balls. Sigh. Ah, well, whatcha gonna do?

Off I go. Chores to do, novels to read, novels to write, children to educate (hee hee – I’m REALLY the one who gets the education).

Have a good one – whatever you do.


Quick update – NaNoWriMo and “The Girls”

Just finished my writing session for the day. I just hit 16829 words! The kids met grandpa and they introduced him to the wraith in the pool. Scared him a lot! Hee hee.

16829 words is 159 words ahead of the recommended daily allowance for NaNoWriMo. 10 days at 1667 words per day = 16670 words. Hooyaaa!!

And my daily count (for the 5 out of 7 days that I write) is 2500 words. This is Day 7 for me, so I should be at 17,500, but that’s all right. I’m just 700 behind that.

I’m planning on attending an all-night writing frenzy this weekend, so I’ll catch up. :-)

The Girls

Well, one of our girls has bad legs. Esther. We’ve been chatting about what to do with her. We think she might be in pain because her legs shake when she stands and she doesn’t stand much. However, she does roost once in a while. And I noticed the other day that she walks on her own feet.

Here they are (I took this today – don’t let the watermelon fool you. I found it at the store the other day). Esther is on the very right, with her back to us (I don’t know if you can see her legs, but they are quite large):


And she hasn’t started clucking yet – the other girls (including her bio sister) have. She still cheeps. And she is soooo funny. She chases after the other girls like a little sister cheeping at them as if to say “wait for me!” And she comes when we call her.

However, she spends the majority of her time, laying underneath the warming light in the coop.

We hope to get her into the vet soon. Then, we can make an informed decision about what to do. We’ve decided that if she is in pain or if she is contagious/whatever, then we will put her to sleep. But if she isn’t in pain or a problem for the other girls, then she stays. She is very entertaining and awesome and let’s us handle her a lot. We think she’s a great addition to the flock. And the other girls cuddle with her at night so they aren’t put-off by her. But we don’t want her to have a rough life.

We’ll keep you informed.

Off to get ready for work. Cheerio.


Girls Update…

Well, the chickens are still growing by leaps and bounds. Here they are at 4 1/2 weeks old:


That was just last week. They were still living 24 hours in their brooder. And we had the “heat lamp” on for them at night.

This is Lucy figuring out the small perch that we placed in the brooder for them. She balanced quite well and had no problems getting out of the brooder from this location.


Now, they are living the daylight hours in their new run. We put them back into the brooder at night because their coop isn’t done yet. This is their run:


The piece of plywood on the right is the space where their door will be. The door will be at the very spot my spousal unit is standing (below). In this photo, he is building the coop, which is about 2/3 done now. He is doing a FANTASTIC job!!


Here are the girls in their run.


It’s 3 x 6 feet. And 3 feet tall. The top lifts up so we can get into it. But we leave it closed in case cats, skunks, possums, etc., decide to visit. Eventually, the girls will be able to fly out. But we will clip their wings.

Yesterday, as the spousal unit was building the coop, I went scrounging for worms, grubs, slugs, etc., and gave them to the girls. Here’s one of the girls (I think she is Esther) with her treat (grooooossssssssssssss):


Here’s Netty eating watermelon:


Netty at a full gallop in the pen (do chickens gallop?)


Esther checking out the world. Next to her (the red girl) is Lucy. The girl in back (she’s black) is Petunia. The girl behind Esther is Miss Priss.


They are in the brooder right now. I can hear them chatting away. It’s a nice sound. And our pup, Mora, keeps a good eye on them, too. Our little protector. :-)

Have a good one – whatever you do.


One of my favourite places…

Every year, at least once, my dad and I go to one of our favourite places to eat, drink tea, and hang out with one another.

That place? Tao of Tea. We always go to the location on Belmont. It’s fantastic. We each get a pot of tea – his is usually an assam tea, mine is either a chai (500 Mile Chai is fantastic) or a white tea (White Dragon). We then dive into some amazing food: somosas, dal, aloo parantha, naan, and lime-soaked yam.


I’m drooling right now.


And everything is reasonably priced. We can get out of there for less than $40.


Next door is the retail store. I can buy tea in bulk or buy tea sets.

It’s a nice place. And we’re going to go again before the end of November. Dad is retiring at the end of October, so I’m going to treat him to a nice time at Tao of Tea.


Update about the girls…

Hi all. My computer went kaput – and it took a while to fix it, reinstall programs, and put on all of my data and information.

So, finally, I am up and running. Good thing I keep a running list of my information and accounts. Egads.

So, our girls are now 2 weeks old. One of our girls is a few days older, but soon it won’t matter. They had a quick bout with coccidiosis, but we found the bloody poops and got medicine. All of the girls made it through without a problem.

Then, one of our girls met our pup, Mora. They played like best friends. Lucy ended up chasing Mora around the living room. It was hilarious. Who knew our dog needed her own pet chicken. This is Mora and Lucy:


So, yesterday, we introduced them to a few new things: millet and cobs of corn.

First, the millet. I put the millet in their brooder and they were a little leery:


Then, Lucy got a little braver:


Then, they decided that millet rocks (I tucked it into their food area so they would get used to it):


Then, the spouse and I ate dinner and each had a cob of corn (which is DEFINITELY at the end of its season). So, the girls got the leftovers. They weren’t overly thrilled at first:


Then, they really liked it. We could hear them fighting and chasing each other around:


This is one of our bigger girls, Antoinette, enjoying the corn. The kids have nicknamed her “puffy cheeks.”


It’s an adventure. The next “chore” is starting to build a chicken coop and attached run this weekend.


We have named the girls…

It didn’t take long to get the girls named.

Bringing Home the Girls 015

Orpington – The buff coloured girl in the front is Polly (dad named her). She is 8 days old. And she is getting some serious feathers coming in. She is very observant of us and looks intently at us when we come near the brooder. She may be the protector of the group later on.

Rhode Island Red – The red girl in the back is Lucy (mum named her). She’s definitely the youngest of the flock. We think she’s 2 or 3 days old. And Robert thinks she’ll be a mama’s girl.

Australorp – The black girl in the back is Petunia (Petty for short). She is a little lover. She’s small. She’s 4 days old.

Ameraucana – The girl with the black stripe pecking in the sawdust is Antoinette (Netty for short). She loves to cuddle. We hold her in a cloth (to keep her warm) and she snuggles right down and sleeps.  And she is quite the nester. She is all ready making nests for herself throughout the brooder. She’s 4 days old.

Brown-legged Leghorn – The brown girl on the left with the multi-coloured wing is Miss Priss. She is the feistiest of the girls. She is all ready pecking at the others’ beaks. But she’s small – maybe that will help. She’s 4 days old.

Brown-legged Leghorn – The brown girl under Polly’s butt is Esther. She is settling in really quickly, but doesn’t have a distinct personality – yet. She’s 4 days old.

They’re chirping up a storm right now. Just chatting. Nothing major. It’s nice to hear them sing and chat all day. Quite the relaxing sound. We have the garage door open between the house and the garage so we can hear them and they can hear us. Chitty chat. Chitty chat.