Bringing Home the Girls…

We went chicken shopping today and brought home 6 girls – well, we hope they’re girls. They were sexed, but there’s a 5 – 10% chance they might be boys.

So, we bought a brooder pen, light, food, etc., and brought them home.

We have 2 brown-legged Leghorns, 1 Ameraucana, 1 Rhode Island Red, 1 Australorp, and 1 Buff Orpington. All of the girls are 3 days old except for the Buff Orpington. She is 1 week old.

I introduce you to the girls:

Bringing Home the Girls 001

The store where we found the girls: the Urban Farm Store in Portland.

 Bringing Home the Girls 013

In the “pastry” box. Looked like we were bringing home cake – except for the cheeping.

Bringing Home the Girls 014

Their home for a few weeks. They huddled together for a few minutes – then they discovered the water and the food. That was the end of that.

Bringing Home the Girls 015

A closer view of the girls. The red girl is the Rhode Island Red, the blonde girl is the Buff Orpington, the black girl is the Australorp, the brown one under the Orpington and the girl to the left are the 2 Leghorns, and the girl pecking on the ground (with the brown stripe) is the Ameraucana. The Rhode Island Red was named Lucy by my mother (she does look like a Lucy – my mother also named my car, so mum’s good at this stuff) and Dad named the Orpington Polly. She is going to be huge (10 pounds) and puffy. And quite the egg-layer, too.

Bringing Home the Girls 017

The hubby holding the two Leghorns. They are all ready pretty aggressive, so we are trying to extra-socialize them and give the other girls a break. We are handling each of the chicks often. And they are doing fine.

Bringing Home the Girls 029

Even Mora doesn’t care. She’s curious – and a little excited. But for the most part, she is way okay with the new additions.

Right now, as I type this up, I can hear the girls in the garage chirping away. It’s a nice sound.

Until later…

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