After the Pitches: Days Thirteen and Fourteen

Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22, 2010
Busy few days. I don’t write on the weekends, anyway, so I’m not really counting these as “wasted” days. But I am getting closer to the deadline.
Saturday was spent doing chores. We fixed the truck, went to mum’s to help her with securing her home, and went to dinner.
Sunday was spent watching movies (The Crazies and The Proposal) and walking to dinner (salads at Jack in the Box).
8 days to self-imposed deadline. I’ll get my groove on next week – after I make a plan with the hubby about the “new and improved plan” for my writing goals.
Procrastination = 9
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0

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