After the Pitches: Day Ten

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Today is another day to write up to procrastination. “Life” influences are (mostly) done and I am back to finding excuses to not write.
Today’s lineup? A good example of a typical “writing day” for me:
1. Woke up and hung out in jammies. Huge mistake – need to actually wear “work clothes” which means getting out of my “sleeping clothes” and into something that I can envision myself working in. Drank ½ cup of coffee.
2. Stayed in the house (mostly) – I think I need to get out of the house to consider myself “working.” Working in the house offers many distractions: TV, iPad, Internet (Facebook and Twitter), books (Linger is my newest temptation. Mockingjay will be next week’s). Laundry. Cleaning dust bunnies from under the refrigerator.
3. Brunch with Mum. Okay. I DID (technically) get out of the house (and out of my jammies). Technically. But I walked to our neighborhood restaurant and had a 2-hour brunch with my mother. 10 AM to 12 PM. Not including walking time. Came to the conclusion that this shot my whole morning. ☺
4. Got home and thought “well, what’s the point now?” and called the hubby
5. Then I lived on my iPad: chatted on Facebook, Twittered, and emailed.
6. Hubby got home and we walked to McDonald’s. I had a craving for their fries. Another 1.5 hours gone.
7. Zombieland arrived in the mail (Netflix is the bane of all at-home workers EVERYWHERE) – watched that. Discovered the ability to watch movies on the iPad (thanks for the INFO HUBBY!)
8. Then had to “critique” Zombieland (Rule #18: Limber Up). Brainstormed the creation of my own rules about writing. Rule #1: Turn on computer/pick up pen and paper! Rule #2: Write! Rule #3: Repeat daily/hourly/minutely (okay not a word, but I had to go with the flow, right?)
9. Texted boss about her impending trip and ideas for next session (which starts end of September); fiddled with iPad a little more (figured out how to get rid of “sent from my iPad” to every email recipient. WHO CARES HOW I SENT THE BLESSED THING?!?)
10. Picked up Linger.
The End.
12 days to deadline.
Procrastination = 5
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0

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