After the Pitches: Day Nine

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Well, I watched a bit more Supernatural (it’s research for the books – honest) – and knew that I didn’t get the job. Training starts Wednesday and I hadn’t heard anything, so the writing was on the wall.
And – yup – got the call around 1:30. The HR Director called – and I didn’t get one word in. She sped through the “apology” and told me “thank you for applying to work with [our organization]” – I ALL READY WORK FOR YOU!!!
That said it all to me about the organization.
I am mad. Upset. Shocked. Frustrated. And disappointed. And I’m off to get a beer.
Chalk up another one to “life” stealing away my writing time.
14 days to deadline. Two weeks!
Procrastination = 4
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0

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