After the Pitches: Day Four

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Distracted today by something totally different and mind-numbing: attack of the bugs! The spousal unit and I have been seeing little brown bugs around the house. A few here, a few there. Not in mass numbers. But I found 5 in the bathroom last night and decided to haul out the vacuum today.
Big mistake.
These buggers cling to walls, popcorn ceilings, and little crevices in EVERYTHING. So, I started vacuuming bugs in the bathroom, then the kitchen, then the floor, then the hallway…. I found their entry way (I think). In our hall, we have a closet. The bottom pulls up so that we can have access to the underbelly of the house. We keep our coats in there, our first aid materials, soap, shampoo, etc. And the dog’s treats. Not any more! I found a bag with literally THOUSANDS of these bugs in it.
And I’m a little grossed out. Okay, a lot grossed out. And I can’t contain myself. I have suck up every single one of these monsters! Every. Single. One.
19 days to deadline
Procrastination = 3; Grossed-out Factor = 1; Manuscript = 0

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