A YAY for me and a YAY for Dr. Horrible!

As you might remember, I was working the PNBA trade show this last weekend. I had a complete blast! I met some amazing and funny and talented and powerful people. And had fun doing it. I hope Greg invites me back next year because I would love to do this again.

Yesterday, I helped with author signings. I worked with 3 YA novelists and one murder-mystery author. Then, I hauled and counted books for the PNBA Rural library donation. It was a busy day even though 1/2 of the people and publishers were there. But it made for a nice day!

Yay for me (from author Lili St. Crow):

From Lili’s website: “Last night I was at the PNBA Nightcapper event. The volunteers were awesome, especially Patti, who stood next to me and handed me books, soothing me all the while.” (dated September 11, 2009).


Seriously, Lily St. Crow was fantastic and wonderful and funny and amazing and I loved loved loved working with her. I dropped her a quick line and told her how many of my fellow volunteers and some of the booksellers were commenting all weekend about how much fun  we were having! And we were. I really enjoyed working with her. THANKS LILI!!!

Yay for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog:

I love, love, love Dr. Horrible. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a 3-part story about a man who wants to be a famous villain (Dr. Horrible).  But there are complications.

And the majority of it is sung! Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible) is a FANTASTIC singer.

Anyway, they won an EMMY!!


If you need a good laugh – and to have a cool song stuck in your head. Check out Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog!

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