A quick blog: NaNoWriMo, Chickens, and the Zoo

I just want to update my blog really quickly since it’s been a while.


I am doing NaNoWriMo and want to use my “writing energy” for it. So far 4314 words (in two days). Not bad. I’m a little ahead of the game, so I’m feeling kinda cocky! I hope to have nearly 7000 words by today.

The Chickens

We were out doing chores the other day (the husband at the chipper shredder):


and we decided to let the girls do some adventuring. We let them out into the yard – and they frolicked. They ate a lot of bugs, played in the grass, and came home (into their run) to a pumpkin. Lucky girls.

This is a picture of 4 of our girls: Polly (tan), Lucy (red), Netty (brown and black), and Petunia (black). Esther and Miss Priss don’t seem to be around when I take pictures. Hmmmm.


Esther has bad legs, we discovered the other day. Her legs are bigger than they should be and she shakes as if her legs are too weak to hold her up. We do find her laying quite a bit. She takes small steps and usually steps on her own feet. But she does all right eating and hanging out with the other girls. She’s also the only one who hasn’t started the clucking sound. She still “peeps.”

The Zoo

The husband wanted to go to the zoo on his birthday last week, so we went for the day. He wanted to take some photos with his good camera:


And we were there for over 5 hours. It was a wonderful time. The elk and cougar exhibits were closed, but we got to see a lot of other animals.

A few pix (the hubby took the majority of the photos).

Two of the 5 elephants on their trek to “squish the squash.” A local nursery donates HUGE pumpkins that the elephants smash and eat. There were a zillion people there, so I didn’t get a good photo.


A leopard. I stepped into a little house-like structure (made for kids) and this cat came walking up to me. FREAKED ME OUT because I thought I was trapped in the little house with it. Just for a second. Made my heart leap.


Off to write for NaNo! Have a great day – whatever you do.

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