Friday Funny = Wizard World Comicon

I like to volunteer at various events in the Pacific Northwest. I feel like I am giving to my community, but I am also enjoying the heck out of myself.

One of the venues where I like to volunteer is in the Comicon arena! I meet celebrities, I pay zero dollars, and I get to see what’s new and interesting in the worlds of sic-fi and fantasy (and much much more). But, mostly, I get to hang with some awesome people – none of whom are celebrities.

While we are volunteering, we are not allowed to take photos, but without the shirt, I’m ready to rock and roll.

So, today I am at Wizard World Comicon and not posting. Therefore, I offer you a few photos from last year:

This is the closest I will ever be to The Rock:

photo[2] copy 2


And this is how close I WAS to Norman Reedus:

Norman_Reedus and me

See ya on the flip-side!



Bookends Bookstore, Kailua Hawaii

I love love love love independent bookstores. The messiness. The book smell – old and new. And the people who frequent such stores are AWESOME!

bookends bookstore

One of my favorite bookstores was found in Kailua in Oahu. The spousal unit and I stumbled across this little gem while wandering the streets of Kailua.

And, yes, it does look like the picture above. New books. Old books. Some on shelves. Some on the floor. Some on seats. I watched the proprietor as she wandered purposefully through the aisles grabbing books for customers. “Um, there’s this book about a tiger in the sea and a guy…” Zoom – off to a random bookshelf to grab Life of Pi. “I want a really good book for my four year old.” Zoom – off to the other end of the store to grab a Mo Willems book.

If you are in Kailua (or Oahu at all) – I would make this a destination. It’s worth it.