PNBA – 3 Days of Books and Awesomeness

I work the PNBA Tradeshow every fall. It is extremely tiring, but in AWESOME ways. I get to meet some awesome people, reconnect with some awesome people Р all in the name of books.

Day one was spent working the show floor and stuffing packets


Day two and three were spent helping authors autograph books and watching workshops


This author is just 22. He has published his 2nd book in a series called The Whatnot! It is a steampunk fairy tale. His name is Stefan Bachmann.


This is Loren Long‘s newest book entitled An Otis Christmas. He had a wonderful presentation which combined his work life and his works of art. There were some people in the audience crying.


I worked with a hilarious author, Roland Smith, who wrote the IQ series and Tentacles. His newest book is Chupacabra. I helped him sign. And he helped us take a few selfless:



I read books 1 and 2 of the IQ series. I’m looking forward to Tentacles and Chupacabra.



Volunteering Season Continues

I like to volunteer as much as I can handle this time of year. There are a number of volunteer opportunities in Portland in October. This weekend, I was supposed to volunteer at Wordstock, but got sick and decided to stay home and recuperate. I’m bummed because Maggie Stiefvater was there at 5:00.


Another favourite of mine, Bruce Hale, was introducing Clark the Shark to youngsters on one of the AM stages.



However, I am saving my energy for the next 3 days of volunteering. I spend about 12-14 hours per day at a book trade show in Portland. It falls on the same weekend as Wordstock and I’ve been doing this one for 4 years now, so it take priority.

I get to meet some great people year after year.


I was SUPER blonde back then. Not so much any more. This is one of the reps from  Scholastic, Kris. She is DIVINE!

A few of the authors I am looking forward to seeing are:

Ivan Doig


Jane Kirkpatrick


Brandon Sanderson


Jeffrey Deaver (of Lincoln Rhyme fame)


Marissa Meyer


Roland Smith


I know there will be some surprises for me regarding authors to see, but these are a few of the authors I want to connect with. Last year, I saw April Henry and (sigh – I forgot to get a photo) Sherman Alexi.

Additionally, I enjoy connecting with bookseller and book buyers each year from all over the Pacific Northwest. I see a lot of the same faces – and we razz each other each year. Good times.

Until later…