After the Pitches: Day Twenty-Two

Monday, August 30, 2010
Started my day tired. So, I read the last of Stiefvater’s Linger. Beautiful book. The ending was a little too easy regarding where Grace went – and how (no spoilers – but if you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about, probably). I’m going to start Mockingjay tonight!
Caught up on my blogging. It was a wacky week last week, so I didn’t really get any writing done. But a lot of other things got done.
Now? I’m sucking down a Smart Ones Orange Sesame Chicken meal (DELISH!!) and finishing my coffee. It’s weird – I don’t drink as much coffee as I used to. I seem to nurse a cup for the morning. More-than-likely, I will go to Starbucks for a NF latte before my volunteer time at the Scholastic Bookfair Warehouse Sale! I’ll need the go-go juice!
And I opened up my manuscript. I am going to work for 1.5 hours on it. You will see the results in the next line (it’ll be 1.5 hours for me, but only seconds for you):
Today’s word count: 865 words (and I worked for 1 hour)
I’m giving myself ½ for manuscript and ½ for procrastination today. Sounds fair to me!
Initial writing = tomorrow (yeah, right!)
Whole thing = Friday, September 25, 2010
Procrastination = 11.5
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 7
Manuscript = 2.5

After the Pitches: Days Nineteen, Twenty, and Twenty-One

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, August 27 – 29, 2010
Wow! Busy week. Rough week. I couldn’t write at all this week. My brain was on fire – and not in a good way (how could a brain on fire BE GOOD, anyway?).
Anyway, Friday found me slightly hung-over from the night before (CPK is EVIL) and extremely tired and lethargic. So, I read.
Saturday was WOW! busy, but I really enjoyed the day. The spouse and I went to Starbucks for fortification. Then, he went his way, and I went to my volunteer work at the Scholastic Bookfair Warehouse Sale! It was a BLAST! I was there for 8 hours and I met some awesome people, hung out with teachers and librarians and parents, and I got a gazillion free books. (For every hour you volunteer, you get $10 worth of bookfair books, which are discounted to begin with). I got MOCKINGJAY!! For 50% off!!! And, in essence, FREE, because no money exchanged hands – I just worked my bootie off for it! Check out some of these titles: Killer Pizza, Suddenly Supernatural, SLOB! Awesome. I also picked up Mo Willems’ Pigeon Wants a Puppy! I’m a sucker for Willems.
Sunday was a rough day. It would have been my folks’ anniversary, so we had mum over. And we had crock pot meatloaf, frozen yogurt pie, and watched Public Enemies.
Writing? Nope. Gads.
Initial writing = 1 day from now
Whole thing = 25 days from now
Procrastination = 11
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 7
Manuscript = 2

After the Pitches: Day Seventeen

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
I’ve got headache hangover (not sure if it’s the Vicodin or the headache itself that has hung me over).
Mum had a rough night last night, so I spent time with her – and I am worried about her today.
The Chihuahua is at my feet – forever wanting up into my arms to sleep. So, I opened the blind for her – and she’s resting piglet-like in the sunshine on the carpet.
I am drinking the nastiest cup of coffee known to humankind. Yes, I made it. After 32 years of drinking coffee, you’d think I could make a good cup.
And I have a bad case of Supernatural withdrawal.
So writing is a little rough today. But I am doing it.

And I have a little help. She’s parked right behind my chair.
Later that day…
Success. I increased my manuscript by 2570 words today.
Initial writing = 6 days from now
Whole thing = 30 days from now
Procrastination = 9
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 5
Manuscript = 2

After the Pitches: Day Fifteen

Monday, August 23, 2010
Okay, I’m taking a new tactic under advisement: pretending that my writing is like a job. Well, it is a job, but taking it more seriously.
I got up and got showered and dressed (a good start). I planned on starting my writing at 8 AM. Here’s how it went:
8:00 all ready late
8:01 still late
8:02 started this blog
8:03 – 8:07 working on blog
8:08 clean up desk of filing crap
8:09 open document
8:10 need to find glasses and warm up coffee
8:11 started work
8:18 decided that the book is just fine in third person. I just need to add more details and make it a little funnier.
9:55 I’ve been writing all this time; and I’ve gained 1,703 words. Time for a food – and Chihuahua loving – break
10:15 full belly and a cup of coffee; so back at it – one-handed because I have a love-seeking Chihuahua in my arms
11:46 as Winnie the Pooh would say “this looks like a good place to rest” I finished 2,005 words today. And I got reacquainted with my story. It’s dog-gone good. And when I “beef it up” a little more, it’ll be really good.
A good day’s work. And the first number listed after “Manuscript” now. It now says “Manuscript = 1”!
Deadline has changed. I want to be finished with the initial writing by Tuesday, August 31 and done with the whole thing by Friday, September 24, 2010.
Procrastination = 9
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 1

After the Pitches: Days Thirteen and Fourteen

Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22, 2010
Busy few days. I don’t write on the weekends, anyway, so I’m not really counting these as “wasted” days. But I am getting closer to the deadline.
Saturday was spent doing chores. We fixed the truck, went to mum’s to help her with securing her home, and went to dinner.
Sunday was spent watching movies (The Crazies and The Proposal) and walking to dinner (salads at Jack in the Box).
8 days to self-imposed deadline. I’ll get my groove on next week – after I make a plan with the hubby about the “new and improved plan” for my writing goals.
Procrastination = 9
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0

After the Pitches: Day Twelve

Friday, August 20, 2010
Definitely a day to chalk up to PROCRASTINATION! Got up at 7 and watched The Proposal on my iPad on Netflix (for some reason, I keep typing Netflex).
Anyway, it was quite good. I do like a good Sandra Bullock romantic comedy. And Ryan Reynolds. ‘Nuff said.
Then the hubby came home to work and I’ve been filing and doing emails.
And applying for jobs.
10 days to self-imposed deadline.
Procrastination = 7
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0

After the Pitches: Day Eleven

Thursday, August 19, 2010
I read yesterday’s blog. And I thought, okay, there are a few places where I can improve my chances of being more successful in my attempts to write. (Only a few?)
So, I got dressed. I’m actually in pants and a sweaterset. I put on deodorant and runners (with socks). I am not in my jammies and robe, wrapped in a blanket on the sofa.
AND I am out of the house. I grabbed the laptop, my purse and my “butt toning shoes” and walked to Starbucks – a mile away.
There’s the problem. I get here and I’m damned pooped – and my butt hurts. It’s been a long week: booze- and crappy food-filled and off-kilter (I haven’t been in a good sleep routine for a few days and it’s showing). And I feel gross.
Even a non-fat latte isn’t helping. That and the fact that it’s 30 degrees below zero in here. My goosebumps have goosebumps.
However, I did get to listen in on a Bible Study group next to me. It’s interesting that my local Starbucks has turned into a location for various Bible Study groups. Aside from them, there is a reverend (of questionable repute) who haunts the place. Speaking of the dude, he just walked in. Let the show begin!
So, I’ve written an Excel spreadsheet charting my employment search (for Oregon Unemployment) and a letter to Fred Meyer regarding their REALLY ANNOYING stocking procedures (they stock product ALL THE TIME and it’s nearly impossible to shop there without tripping, falling, or stubbing toes). And I’m listening to Elvis (currently: There’ll Be Peace in The Valley For Me).
And I just discovered how to access the Internet at Starbucks. Ah geez.
11 days to self-imposed deadline. Oh crap! It’s the halfway point. Oh nooooo….
Procrastination = 6
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0

After the Pitches: Day Ten

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Today is another day to write up to procrastination. “Life” influences are (mostly) done and I am back to finding excuses to not write.
Today’s lineup? A good example of a typical “writing day” for me:
1. Woke up and hung out in jammies. Huge mistake – need to actually wear “work clothes” which means getting out of my “sleeping clothes” and into something that I can envision myself working in. Drank ½ cup of coffee.
2. Stayed in the house (mostly) – I think I need to get out of the house to consider myself “working.” Working in the house offers many distractions: TV, iPad, Internet (Facebook and Twitter), books (Linger is my newest temptation. Mockingjay will be next week’s). Laundry. Cleaning dust bunnies from under the refrigerator.
3. Brunch with Mum. Okay. I DID (technically) get out of the house (and out of my jammies). Technically. But I walked to our neighborhood restaurant and had a 2-hour brunch with my mother. 10 AM to 12 PM. Not including walking time. Came to the conclusion that this shot my whole morning. ☺
4. Got home and thought “well, what’s the point now?” and called the hubby
5. Then I lived on my iPad: chatted on Facebook, Twittered, and emailed.
6. Hubby got home and we walked to McDonald’s. I had a craving for their fries. Another 1.5 hours gone.
7. Zombieland arrived in the mail (Netflix is the bane of all at-home workers EVERYWHERE) – watched that. Discovered the ability to watch movies on the iPad (thanks for the INFO HUBBY!)
8. Then had to “critique” Zombieland (Rule #18: Limber Up). Brainstormed the creation of my own rules about writing. Rule #1: Turn on computer/pick up pen and paper! Rule #2: Write! Rule #3: Repeat daily/hourly/minutely (okay not a word, but I had to go with the flow, right?)
9. Texted boss about her impending trip and ideas for next session (which starts end of September); fiddled with iPad a little more (figured out how to get rid of “sent from my iPad” to every email recipient. WHO CARES HOW I SENT THE BLESSED THING?!?)
10. Picked up Linger.
The End.
12 days to deadline.
Procrastination = 5
Grossed-out Factor = 1
Life = 4
Manuscript = 0