Wow – these girls are going to town. We have two girls who are laying for sure (Lucy and Polly). And I think we have a new contender – but I don’t know who. A new egg was found alongside Lucy’s in Lucy’s nest.

So, did I tell you that I looked up the girls’ egg-laying profiles? Yup. All of them are PROLIFIC egg layers. Which means a CRAP LOAD of eggs.


Polly’s eggs are the two light-coloured ones on the right. Lucy’s are the three reddish ones in the middle. The newest egg is the lighter one on the left.

I still haven’t gone out today to check the coop.

Help me Rhonda!

It’s still a little dark here, but the girls are outside eating bread as we speak. I might overturn the compost bin and let them go to town today while I’m at work and the spousal unit is at work.

Off to prepare the SMALLEST of all SMALL lesson plans. I’m doing games with the kiddos. Board games. Card games. And gym games. Fun times! I get to see them use up a lot of their energy.


Day one of my writing goal…

GADS! I had a wally-honker of a migraine last night. Not bad enough to go to the hospital – but kinda bad. I took 1.5 Vicodin and that seemed to work, but I have “headache hangover” plus a headache today. SHEESH!

So, now writing today. I think I’ll watch Part Two of The Prisoner (with Jim Caveziel). Part One was doggone good.

A picture of one of our girls. This is Esther – our “boo-boo’d” chicken. This was taken 1 month ago.


We are thinking of sending a picture of her and a write-up of her medical condition to Backyard Chickens magazine. We *guess* it’s rickets, but we are not sure. It would be interesting to see what she has (without paying the exorbitant vet bills) and get an idea of what her life is like – and what it will look like when/if she lays.

She does just fine squeaking her way through the yard (she doesn’t cluck – she squeaks). She digs for bugs, loves apples and potatoes, and follows her sisters around. What’s amazing is the flock doesn’t pick on her – they actually nurture her. Huh. Weird.

Well, off to relax. I’m tired of this headache, but it’ll be gone by this weekend. It usually is gone in 3 – 4 days.

Have a good one – whatever you do.


I *don’t* make resolutions, but…


I am not a fan of making resolutions. I usually make ridiculous claims (I’m going to lose 50 pounds by summer, I will walk 5 miles a day, I will write the “Great American Novel” in one summer, and other such crap like that…). Always sets me up for failure.

However, this year, I wanted to do something a little like a resolution – but not a resolution. Perhaps I should call it a “goal” (still sounds all resolution-like). But it’s a better word than “resolution.” During the first week of the year, the spousal unit and I wrote down things that we wanted to get accomplished this year – together and separate. My list included: joining a Sangha (Buddhism), write 5x per week, payoff vehicle, increase savings, yoga, cut expenses.

So, since that day, I’ve been thinking about these “goals” and pondering the importance of each one. They are all fine goals, with merits. But one is SCREAMING at me to do it: write 5x per week.

The reason? In August 2007, I left my job at the local university to write. That August (the last day of my job), my father-in-law passed away – and things have not improved since. There have been various deaths, injuries, hospital visits, weight loss activities, family planning mishaps, and getting back to work (I started working January 2009). All of these numerous (too many to list) incidents used both physical and mental energy. So, I didn’t write much.

But what do I want to do?


And I don’t mean blogging, tweeting, IMing, lesson planning, etc! I mean WRITE FOR A LIVING!

So, here it is in print. My promise to myself. I will write at least 5 times per week. I will attend appropriate writing workshops (I have a stash of money saved for this). I will work on getting my final draft of my novel done by the Summer SCBWI Conference in LA, which is at the end of July. I am so committed to this that I am not going to work this summer so that I can finish it up and make it all pretty – and PITCH IT at the conference!

And, I won’t worry about joining a Sangha, paying off the vehicle, increasing the savings, or starting up a yoga practice. (Some of this will come when I get paid for writing for a living, eh?)

But what about cutting expenses? All ready done (say “goodbye” to indulgent cable bills, excessive dining out, craft projects, big grocery runs,  and Weight Watchers [I reached “Lifetime” and that means no more paying for WW]).

Whoot! That’s one “goal” down! One to go!

That wasn’t so bad, was it?